I want to make this clear right from the start, making yourself a priority doesn’t make you selfish. While you’re here, I want you to remember that and know it’s completely okay to focus wholeheartedly, right now, on YOU. (That’s actually what we do around here!) So, take a deep breath, let your mind rest, and discover what it means to Choose Your Journey.

I am truly so glad you’re here.
Welcome! I’m Andrea –

MINDSET & TRANSFORMATIONAL  COACHING FOR women who are exhausted WAY MORE than they want to be 

You Are Welcome Here.

Do you feel like you have to be "ON" 24/7? These days, we are just expected to be on the hamster wheel of life, continuously checking off the boxes and running ragged. Society and culture say it's a badge of honor to be maxed out, tapped out, or burnt out and if you don't feel that way, are you really even living?  

These are the exact beliefs, we hold in our mindset, that hold us back from living our best life. 

So, how are you really doing?

I am a wife, mom of four, and (some might say) a mindset junkie! When I started working on my mindset, specifically with reframing my limited beliefs and updating my subconscious programming, I had such amazing gains in so many areas of my life! Focusing on brain health has become widely accepted and glorified in modern-day, yet there’s still this unspoken but very real stigma it. I want to break that belief and show as many women as possible how riveting and soul-stirring this type of inner work can be. Let’s normalize improving our mindset with working on what holds us back, reframing our limited beliefs, and updating our subconscious programming! Guess what happens as a result of this....an amazing TRANSFORMATION! When we experience transformation in our life, our authentic life purpose shows up and we can live a life of alignment! I can tell you from my own experience, for myself, along with the dozens of women I've coached, when you are living in alignment, it overflows into other areas of your life- better relationships, improved health, enjoyment in your career, financial abundance, spiritual growth and so much more! 

Your Future Mindset & Transformational Coach


Nikki H.

Because of Andrea, the sun shines brighter and I truly believe that I deserve happiness.

Jessie M.

I was able to rediscover myself again.

Kayla F.

Her program will not disappoint you. Invest in yourself. It is so worth it.

The question is… are you ready to choose your journey? 

I want you to imagine, just for a second, what it would be like if you felt that everything in your life was in perfect harmony… 

There is a way that you can show up in one part of your life without feeling like you’re lacking in another. This one-on-one coaching experience is completely and entirely customized to YOU. Self growth looks different for everyone. I am here to support you, cheer you on, challenge you, and give you practical and actionable steps that will inevitably lead to changing your life for good.

Mindset & Transformational Coaching


We all go through hardships that sometimes feel like we may never truly overcome but once we do, it opens us up and forms something within us that inevitably shapes us forever. Listen to the powerful stories of other women, just like me and you, who were taken on a Heartship Journey. 

Bringing you inspiration through real-life stories of people who have experienced hardships and persevered 

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