I’m a firm believer in what you go through,
you grow through.

Ladies, I know you can relate to what I’m about to say. I was the person who put myself last on the list with everything. If I thought about taking time for myself — just the thought of my husband, kids, friends, or anyone else thinking of me as selfish was a guilt and fear I couldn’t bear to bring into existence. Here’s the thing — you may think this is “just the way it goes” for the season you’re in but I’m here to tell you, you CANNOT adequately pour into others from an empty cup. 

When I reframed my mindset that was filled with feelings of guilt and instead, started focusing on the mom and wife I wanted to be while making myself a priority, my world changed! My marriage is the best it's ever been. I'm proud of the mom I’ve become and the role I’m playing in each of my children’s lives. I feel physically and mentally better. Everything is lighter and feels more aligned. As an individual and as a family, there’s harmony and it feels so, so good. 

Hi! I’m Andrea, a wife and mom of four who decided feeling stressed and overwhelmed was no longer meant for me


And I couldn’t be more proud and ready for the journey ahead. 

Fast forward to now, I have had the pleasure of coaching dozens of women which resulted in a  a mindset upgrade. These women believe and feel they are TRULY worthy and deserving of having a  genuine joy-filled and happy life.

I now know that heart tug was really my inner self saying — SHARE with others what YOU discovered. 

I enrolled in the Healthcoach Institute to pursue a certification of Health & Life Coaching. Within that six month program, I learned so much about myself and how to best serve others that I decided to launch this business in April 2020. 

While many businesses were shutting down or going out of business, I chose to start one! That heart tug was something undeniable that I had to tap into. It may sound crazy, but starting a business during a pandemic was also starting a business during a time when so many people were uncertain, unprepared, and fearful of the journey ahead.

All of a sudden, it just clicked and I knew what I wanted to do.

Once I understood how powerful our mindset is and the influence it has on our reality, I felt a tug on my heart that I was holding onto a mindset that included beliefs that had me feeling unworthy and in a stuck state .  I knew I needed a mindset upgrade!

YOU get to choose YOUR journey.

To create a coaching relationship of trust, integrity, compassion, and care that fosters self growth — and results in transformation, one positive action and one positive thought at a time — to experience living a life of  fulfillment and being in alignment.

My Mission

Trusted By

Daily gratitude and reflection, journaling, visualizing, getting outside, being sure to add movement into my day with a walk, run, or strength workout, listening to an episode from my favorite  Podcasts, and ALWAYS a piece of dark chocolate! Most importantly making sure it's done by means of taking inspired action! If there's resistance or force, it's not meant to happen!

My Chosen Self Care Ritual 

I am living as though my prayers are already answered AND
Life is rigged in my favor! With shifting my mindset, I have a new outlook on life and it's one I love to share with my clients too! 

My Motto

My family is everything! Our family lives happily in a small town in Iowa. I met my husband, Joe, on a blind date when I was 16, (he was 17) at a party in a cow pasture. We dated for five years and then got married, eager to start a family. We baptized our first born on our one-year wedding anniversary! These days, we love going camping, spending time with grandparents at the farm, and hitting up a local eatery for impromptu date nights or jumping in the truck to go on a drive.

Family First

A bit more about me… 

Nikki H.

Because of Andrea, the sun shines brighter and I truly believe that I deserve happiness.

Jessie M.

I was able to rediscover myself again.

Kayla F.

Her program will not disappoint you. Invest in yourself. It is so worth it.


Come With Me on Your Journey to Personal Growth