August 10, 2021

Episode 11: The Journey to Motherhood with Sara McIntosh

Today my guest is Sara McIntosh who shares about her journey into motherhood. Sara married Adriel and became a step mom to 2 amazing boys. As a family of 4 already,  Sara and Adriel wanted to add to their family and several years and methods were tried. Finally after 5 years, Sara became pregnant and she shares her joy in seeing a perfect baby at her 20 week ultrasound only to be told that there could be something wrong with the baby.

Sara reminds us that faith is strong but God is stronger and that God does provide and sometimes it’s not the way we envision because it can be even greater and better than what we wanted.

This story is just amazing and I am so inspired by Sara and her journey to motherhood and I hope you are too!


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Andrea Mausser is a certified mindset and personal growth coach for women who are longing to create harmony throughout their lives and rediscover themselves as well as find their life purpose. Currently accepting clients virtually, Andrea resides in a small town in Iowa with her husband and four children.

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