October 13, 2021

Episode 18: Love and Long Distance with Katelyn Thielen

My guest today is extra special to me as its my youngest sister, Katelyn Thielen, who shares of her relationship journey that included long distance experience with her boyfriend Mitch who enlisted in the marines.

Katelyn and Mitch started dating in 2013 when Katelyn was just 18. When Mitch went off to boot camp, their communication was solely based on letters, an almost forgotten art but one that is so meaningful!

As Mitch went through his journey as a marine, Katelyn went through her own self growth and discovery journey. Although together but physically apart,  Katelyn shares she is so grateful for the experience and the bond she and Mitch have strengthened over time.

I love what Katelyn shared about in having that first hug with Mitch at this graduation from boot camp and what that hug represented and  the unspoken words and feelings from what a hug can do! Also as important, on tough days of having distance, take it day by day and have something to look forward too. 

To our country’s servicemen and women who dedicate their time and commitment to preserving our freedom and keeping us safe, THANK YOU!

Thank you for listening to this episode!


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