October 13, 2021

Episode 19: Twin to Twin Transfusion Syndrome with Kylie Kelchen

My guest today is Kylie Kelchen, who shares about the journey of her pregnancy with twins; which was high risk because of “twin to twin transfusion syndrome”. Kylie and her husband Travis received joyous news of expecting twins yet also were told that because of the conditions of the placenta,  it could result in the birth of 1 baby or no babies all in the same appointment. Her pregnancy involved the need for immediate decision making, heavy monitoring, and a high volume of doctor visits and even surgery.

Kylie reaffirms the importance to be an advocate for yourself! 

No mater what type of hardship or battle you are experiencing, advocate for yourself and lean on everyone who wants you to lean onto them. 

I was so inspired by the actions and perspective of Kylie and Travis and I hope this episode lifts you up as well!


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