October 28, 2021

Episode 22: Finding the Strength within with Eryka Cook

My guest today is Eryka Cook who was bullied as a child. She learned karate and received her black belt.  Through karate she gained confidence not only for herself but for sticking up for others. Her self defense interest continued into college and her passion continued to grow and over time and offerings of classes, she created her business Empowermental.

Eryka made a statement during our conversation that was riveting. “You have the power to take it back”. Sometimes in life we find ourselves in situations that aren’t suiting or can be harmful and it’s finding the courage within to know that you have the power to take it back. I had the opportunity to take classes with Eryka along with my young daughters. It’s empowering yet scary to step out of your comfort zone. Eryka offers self defense training at her studio which is located in Dubuque.


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