December 27, 2021

Episode 26: Thankful for Not Giving Up – The Journey of Heroin Addiction & Recovery

My guests today are Austin Bain and Jacklyn Vondran who share their incredible life journey with me. Starting in their teenage years, as a result of trauma in their lives, they turned to drug use specifically with heroin. The heroin use numbed the pain, helped them to take on a “no one can hurt me” feeling, brought them together as a couple and took them on a drug addiction life style.

Pivotal moments take place for both Austin and Jacklyn, which they share within the episode that started their process to wanting to end their drug use and seek a road of recovery.

This episode is raw – it’s real – it’s inspiring because honestly it’s a miracle for both people in the relationship who use together to get clean together.

This episode is launching the week of Thanksgiving a time when we especially recognize those moments in life we are thankful and grateful for. Their reflection in being thankful for not giving up and making the choice to choose life is something we can be reminded of in our own daily lives.

American Addiction centers offers free and confidential guidance to those suffering from addiction. Their number is 888-970-3743.


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