December 27, 2021

Episode 28: Choosing to feel good with Jenny Arnold

My guest today is Jenny Arnold. Jenny first started experiencing severe migraines in college. Her mom and grandma suffered from headaches as well so Jenny thought this is something she just has to deal with.

She started to take notice how her body responded to certain scents, cleaning products, and foods. As a result she didn’t settle for taking more medication but rather choose to be an advocate for her health, which mattered all the more as she determined her children and husband had food allergies as well.

Jenny’s motto is “live for today” and having the mindset that she can choose to feel good and find a normal way of life that works for her!

I took so many good points away from Jenny’s story and I hope you do to!


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Andrea Mausser is a certified mindset and personal growth coach for women who are longing to create harmony throughout their lives and rediscover themselves as well as find their life purpose. Currently accepting clients virtually, Andrea resides in a small town in Iowa with her husband and four children.

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