December 27, 2021

Episode 30: Parents of Addiction – Journey of Hope, Love, & Commitment

As we approach the Christmas holiday this week, it brings about feelings of hope, love, perhaps even miracles and I’m very happy to share a story that emcompasses all of that with todays guests.

My guests today are Bill and Sheri Vondran who share of their journey of being parents of a child with a drug addiction. Bill and Sheri are Christians who raised their children in a loving home with a good upbringing. In January 2013, they began to notice a change in their daughter and picked up on signs that things were not good, in fact it was the start of a deep dark 5 year journey.

As parents they did all they could to help their daughter and leaned on the support of their pastors and friends and their prayer with God. They recognized they could not do it all by themselves. Sheri shares the 3 C’s that she and Bill learned and adopted as part of their journey in drug abuse- Cause, Cure, Control:

You didn’t Cause it

You can’t Cure it

You can’t control it

When a child goes through something like drug abuse and addiction, there can be quite a bit of judgement that goes with it from others. By putting judgement aside, it’s important to remember those who go through something difficult such as drug abuse, are people. They have people who love them so it’s so important to have compassion for others


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