March 24, 2022

Episode 34: Parkinson Awareness

My guests today are Janet Hefel, Krystal Wedewer and Abby Davidshofer who share about their late father/husband, Roger Hefel’s diagnosis of Parkinson’s Disease. Parkinsons was something they had not experienced with anyone in the family. So as part of the journey in self learning and doctor’s visits and becoming care takers, they also started a Parkinson’ support Group – Parkinson’s Awareness of Clayton County, which was created in 2015. I’m excited for you to hear ALL this non profit organization has been able to do and provide since it’s creation!

I’m so inspired by all the positive down stream impact the creation of this group has resulted in and I believe you will to!

Please be sure to check out the website on how you can contribute or learn about upcoming events!


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