March 24, 2022

Episode 37: Recognizing Life’s Purpose through Animal Rescue with Mark Kightlinger

My guest today is Mark Kightlinger, a military veteran who turned his love of animals into helping to rescue and rehabilitate dogs. He really is a gifted dog whisperer!

Mark shares of his life journey which included being a marine corp, personal injuries, prescription use, feeling at the lowest point in which he no longer wanted to be around and how he worked through and found self love. 

Mark has always been an animal lover and through the VA he was able to receive an emotional support animal back in November 2016. When he learned of a dog in dire conditions, Mark realized this was a chance for him  to connect with the purpose he was wanting to have but wasn’t quite sure what it was to be. He has taken in and rehabilitated or fostered several dogs and actually adopted 3 of them!

Mark recognizes that a person has to go through hell, particularly with addiction but there is light on the other side if you just keep the persistence. He is proof!

I was very inspired by the journey Mark shared with me and the love he has for animals and I hope you do also after listening!


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