July 27, 2021

Episode 9: Acute Flaccid Myelitis with Molly Knuth

Today my guest is Molly Knuth. Molly shares of her daughter, Charlotte’s journey with acute flaccid myelitis, AFM. AFM is a neurologic disease that is very rare but very serious. It’s been referenced as a polio like illness. Charlotte was just 5 years old and enjoying summer and preparing to go to kindergarten when she was experiencing weakness and further deterioration with her functionality.

As parents, the well being of our children is of such importance so to hear from Molly what it was like to see your child go through a health journey that as a parent makes you feel helpless because you can’t take away the pain or trade places.

Hearing from Molly reminded me that strength happens at every age, even at the tender age of 5! Also, that having a support system and positive outlook and not giving meaning to the “what if” can really help during hardship times.

I was so uplifted talking with Molly and I hope you are too!


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