There's a lot that comes with grief. It can be messy, quiet, lonely... When we look back at the loved ones we've lost, we many times wish we could just talk to them once more. To hear their voice again. What if we could capture their tone of voice, quirky saying, odd pronunciations before it's too late, and hold tight to them forever?

Personalized audio recordings of your loved ones

Keepsake Connections

In the short two and a half hours spent with my grandparents, there were many tears and even more laughter.

It was when I sat down with my grandparents to capture their memories in their own words, as they remembered them, that I realized everyone should have this little pocket of sunshine to keep forever hear their voice one more time...

Once I receive your message, I will be in touch with more recording options and a custom quote for your Keepsake Connection. Pricing starts at $30.

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The Gift that Keeps on Playing

You'll receive your audio file safe and sound to access and listen to whenever you'd like. Share with your children, grandchildren, and pass on to future generations.

A forever keepsake

Once our conversation has concluded, I will remove my voice from the recording entirely, so that what's left is all of their special memories and experiences, spoken right from their mouth.

A polished touch

I will meet with your loved one in person or on the phone and guide them through questions which will allow them to pour out their heart – the good, the funny, the sappy, the heartfelt. 

Guided conversation

How it Works

Instead of calling an old phone to hear the inbox recording, why not have a whole audio message full of memories?

They say a picture is worth a 1,000 words but there’s something about the sound of a voice that can make your heart overflow with joy.

Thank you for your message! I will be in touch soon with more information about scheduling your Keepsake Connection.