A collection of inspirational, powerful stories shared from strong women, just like me and you, who have experienced hardships and persevered.

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I felt drawn to begin a podcast when it seemed as though most of the external influences around me (hello, social media and the news) were full of bad, somber and negative information. It was depressing to listen to, and the more I let it fill my mind, the more it became a war to fight against. 

Before my own journey of personal growth, I thought what brought me inspiration and motivation was watching reality TV shows. (Real Housewives — need I say more?) I suddenly realized this habitual pastime of mine was soul-sucking and very misleading. All it gave me was FOMO (fear of missing out) and feeling less-than. The end of every episode had me clicking off the TV thinking — Wow, my life sucks compared to what they have.

So, instead of being stuck in the allure of celebrity life, I decided to reposition myself and started to tune in to the people around me. I discovered that everyone experiences challenges and hardships from time to time, but once they are overcome, the stories of pursuit to a happier, more fulfilled, and appreciative life are awe inspiring. 

I still watch those “reality” TV shows from time to time but my perspective is entirely different now — because after hearing and experiencing a Heartship Journey, life starts to make a lot more sense. 

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In this podcast, you’ll hear amazing, real-life stories from inspirational guests who experienced hardship and challenges throughout life. They’ll share with you the journey to getting through it and how it ultimately shaped them into a better version of themselves. My hope, as your host, is that each story will inspire and uplift you — knowing that even when a hardship does come your way, you aren’t alone and you will get through it. It won’t be easy, but what you go through will create your very own Heartship Journey. 

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