Let’s talk about the self-growth stigma. 

There's an instant feeling of superiority and amazement when you, yourself, are doing self growth work. There’s even acceptance from others! In the beginning, everyone’s like “you go, girl! Good for you! That’s amazing.” But then, once you decide to take it a step further and seek coaching, all of a sudden it turns from empowerment to judgement. For some reason, working with a coach suggests something is “broken” or “damaged,” and you can’t “fix it” yourself. 

Living in such a digital, social media-driven world, we begin to think that everyone is living out these perfect little lives, when really, we’re just seeing the highlights of everyone’s lives. We start to believe this stigma that seeking out is weak; when in fact, it’s entirely the opposite. 


Mindset and Transformational Coaching

Brain health matters just as much as physical health matters.

I’m on a mission to change the brain health stigma and make it to where all people consider a coach as part of his/her health team. We go to the doctor, a dentist, a chiropractor  — so including a mindset coach seems to be a great addition for your self care routine! 

A Mindset shift is needed for everyone.
 Every single person.
The ones that understand this, know it’s not a weakness; it’s life changing.

Tackling all of this on your own is a lot, and often becomes too overwhelming that it’s easier to just stay right where you are but I know just as well as you do — you were made for more. Coaching is the process of  experience a change without having to think about being “different".

My promise & my standard as your coach in this partnership 

We will stay connected. I will support and cheer you on, stretch you out of your comfort zone, challenge you to get curious and question how you are currently approaching all areas of your life. 

The right support

Through collaboration and communication, we build trust and work together to unlock your full potential, empowering you to create absolutely anything you desire out of this life. 

The right accountability

I tailor the coaching experience to your exact needs and circumstances, with the intent to establish full alignment in every area of your life with who you really want to be. 

The Right System

Fundamentals that are essential to a
Successful Coaching Experience and Outcome

The 3 Factors

Kayla F.

"The 8-week program flew by. It was the best 8 weeks, I dug into myself and what my needs are. What goals that I can achieve. How my mind can make me think and feel differently. A change in mindset. Andrea was always there for me and willing to listen to me. Had great advice and made me feel like I could move mountains after a meeting with her. Her program will not disappoint you. Invest in yourself. It is so worth it."

"Invest in yourself. It is so worth it."

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Choose Your Track

How’s that for FREE?

Let’s uncover what's been stopping you, slowing you down, or keeping you from having the outcome you want in your life. The Discovery Session is where we develop a powerful vision for your Life Purpose and what it will mean for you. You will get crystal clear on a step-by-step plan to live and experience a more joyous and happy life.

Book a Complimentary Discovery Session

Coaching is not therapy. Mindset and personal growth coaches don’t work on past-based issues or traumas. Mindset and personal growth coaches are not psychologists or psychotherapists. If you start coaching, and have not resolved an issue from the past, then it is very likely you will be referred to work with a therapist to resolve that issue. It is very common for unresolved traumas or addictions to stop us from getting what we want in our lives. Mindset and personal growth coaches focus on the present and the client’s goals for the future. We help people move forward and set personal and professional goals that will give them the life they really want. 

What’s the difference between working with a therapist versus a coach? 

Most coaching clients are successfully managing life the best way they can. However, they feel a bit stuck or simply want to make a big change in their lives and want the support of a coach to do so. If there is a gap between where you are now and where you want to be, then there is room for a bit of life coaching. Why struggle on your own when you can get what you want out of life in a fraction of the time with the structure, support, and tools of a skilled life coach? Schedule a free discovery call to see if I’m the right coach for your needs. 

How do I know if this is right for me?

People have managed just fine in the past without a mindset and personal growth coach. So, in one sense, nobody really needs a life coach… but many people want one. Not to mention, working with one speeds up the process since you’re given the right structure, support, and tools to pair with your motivation for change. Just like athletes train with sports coaches — to enhance and improve their physical performance and level up on what is already working or what they want to improve on — working with a mindset and personal growth coach can do the exact same!

Why should I work with a coach?

No. The client is always responsible for their own life and ultimately, makes their own decisions and takes their own actions. The job of a mindset and personal growth coach is to provide positive support and encouragement. While a mindset and personal growth coach might challenge you to think differently or suggest that you try a different or even radical approach than you would normally take, the client must decide whether to take the advice or not. Mindset and personal growth coaches do not in any way control the client’s thoughts, actions, or life.

Will a coach control what I can or can't do?

Over the course of eight weeks, we will have a one-on-one coaching session each week. On these calls, I’ll share curated information and customized coaching exercises that are GUARANTEED to accelerate your results and help you achieve major breakthroughs so you can see transformation in you and your life—FAST.

Our two coaching tracks provide different experiences. If you’d like to learn more about each package, please book a free discovery session here.

What can I expect in a coaching session? 

Yes, because life happens! You will receive one “emergency reschedule” in your program, which means you can cancel a session within 48 hours and still reschedule the session. *Any other canceled sessions with less than 48 hours-notice will be forfeited. 

Can I cancel or reschedule a coaching session? 

Absolutely! If after the close of our eight sessions together you would like to renew for another eight weeks to continue the growth you are experiencing or because you are ready to dive into a new journey that you felt created roadblocks, you can renew or upgrade your package.

​​Can I renew with you following our eight-week session?

Frequently Asked Questions

Nikki H.

"I started the program with a very negative mindset about my overall life. Several years and several medications left me still feeling empty and numb. Andrea guided me to become more optimistic and positive. Her energy and passion to help others is remarkably genuine. Each week, I was given new action steps to help me work through situations that previously left me feeling empty and mentally drained. Because of Andrea, the sun shines brighter and I truly believe that I deserve happiness. I now have the tools I need to continue my journey to a healthier life."

"Because of Andrea, the sun shines brighter"

Jessie M.

"I gained insight on how to find joy in all the little things and to have a positive outlook on life. I would recommend anyone who is feeling like they aren't enjoying life like they used to or just in a rut to definitely be open to Andrea's 8 week program!"

"With Andrea's program and guidance, I was able to rediscover myself again."

Joan B.

"When I felt the light within myself begin to go out, I knew that I needed to find something to assist me in rekindling my spark and then I found Andrea! Andrea's programs have given me new tools to use in coping with stressors and limiting beliefs and got me out of my comfort zone and trying new techniques to grow as an individual. I never thought daily affirmations and visualization could make such a difference! I have great gratitude for the programs Andrea offers- these have helped light the flame within me again!"

"[Andrea's programs] have helped light the flame within me again!"

You found yourself here for a reason but now, it’s time to choose a path. If you've made it this far down the road (page), you're clearly searching for something and maybe even felt something inside pressing you forward. TRUST your gut! It's your own personal power and it won't steer you wrong!

So now, you get to decide what type of journey you would like to go on. You owe it to yourself and to the all important people in your life to do this for you.

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